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welcome to the website of Mgr. Barbora Leiterová - Attorney at Law, based in the juridical capital of the Czech republic, in Brno, which is also the seat of the Constitutional court of the Czech republic, the Supreme court of the Czech republic, the Supreme administrative court of the Czech republic, the Public ombudsman of the Czech republic and also an excellent Faculty of Law of the Masaryk University in Brno.

Our office is here to assist You whenever you may welcome our legal services. Business, real estate, legal enforcement of debts. Also in many other cases, qualified lawyers with the local knowledge are a must. More on our legal services click above. In case You are interested in the real estate in our country, we´re also the right partner for You. More on that check also the subpage with link above.

Czech Republic joined the European Union in may 2004 and many companies and individuals have already taken advantage of this major achievement and started business here. It is the costs, perspective and location in the very heart of Europe next to the developed Germany and Austria that brought many EU companies or individuals to the Czech Republic. We will be very pleased to give You the legal assistence needed to follow them.

We may assist You in case You have a final judgement issued by any EU Member State court and Your debtor is in the Czech Republic or even in Slovakia. We ensure its execution.

Please feel free to send us a query or feedback by our web-form, which You can find in the Contact section.

Sincerely Mgr. Barbora Leiterová
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